Miracle Terrace Sober Living…Reputation- Motivation- Location

miracle terraceMiracle Terrace Sober Living in Los Angeles California opened its doors in 2006 with the goal of providing an environment that is both structured and supportive of developing and maintaining spiritual growth for men and women in recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Ten years later, they continue to meet their own high standards. What is their template for success and outstanding reputation? Clients well rooted and sincere about recovery, and an amazing management staff with the awareness and sensitivity needed to guide, supervise, and encourage the residents.

At Miracle Terrace, the emphasis is on the application of spiritual tools and technology, as well as the 12 Step philosophy… one day at a time. They welcome sober couples, have shared or private rooms, and will also consider small pets. Some of the amenities include flat screen TVs, washer and dryer, brand new fully equipped kitchen with stocked frig, a meditation area, an outdoor area for sitting and relaxing, and an all over atmosphere that stimulates peace and serenity as well as surroundings that support positive self-image and spiritual wellness.

Just minutes from The Grove, Beverly Center, and the Wilshire Shopping Corridor, Miracle Terrace boasts ‘location’ for shopping, meetings, transportation, and health resources and provides transportation to local IOP programs.

Additionally, the structured environment provided at Miracle Terrace includes: Daily morning in-house meetings, group chemical dependency counseling, fulfillment of daily chores, standards for room and personal neatness, curfews compliance and random testing (with a zero tolerance for any drugs or alcohol). Coupled with education, 12 step meetings, outpatient programs and therapy, residents can start living a productive, responsible and joyous quality of life. visit Miracle Terrace at www.miracleterrace.com/

August 9, 2016


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