The Game Changer

December 19, 2017

In today’s world you’ve got to be politically correct. We no longer say ‘handicapped’ we say ‘physically challenged’. Those we once called ‘bums’ are now called ‘homeless people’, and ‘failure’ is now called ‘deferred success’. The ‘founding fathers’ has been changed to ‘the founders’ (less sexist), and illegal aliens are now called ‘undocumented immigrants’, although […]

Beating The Holiday Blues

October 18, 2017

I publish this article every year about this time, hoping it will help those who feel especially low during the holiday season. I can’t help but touch upon the holidays again because we still have a few weeks before the winter holidays begin. Much sadness and mixed feelings can overwhelm and derail even the stablest […]


The Role Of Fear In The Addiction Cycle

October 15, 2017

this is not my original material… it’s written by Maggie McCracken. I find it so simple and so true. Enjoy the article and try some of these ideas to cope with fears. Fear is a very intense emotion and can drive people to do all kinds of unhealthy things. From the fear of being alone […]

Alcoholism Reduced By Homeopathy

October 5, 2017

I read this in my Homeopathy Plus Newsletter today; An Indian pilot study from Kerala, India that has been placed into English provides an interesting insight into what is possible when alcoholism is treated by homeopathy. It lists the remedies which were most effective – and Nux vomica came out on top. Of no surprise […]


Top Bach Flower Picks For Addiction

September 17, 2017

What are the best Bach Flower remedies for addiction? Agrimony: this flower essence is for emotional honesty; it treats the painful emotions that are often the root of addiction. Cherry Plum: is for when you feel you are at a breaking point, experiencing great suffering and are about to lose control. You may also find […]

Medical Hexing And The Power Of The Word

September 6, 2017

Why did Angelina Jolie get a double mastectomy? ‘Medical hexing,’ says Dr. Lissa Rankin, who presented her own theory- the amazing power of the placebo effect in healing the body. Conversely, she introduces the idea of a nocebo effect and it’s potential ability to derail our natural self-healing mechanisms that kill cancer cells, fight infections, […]


How Are Addicts Handling Hurricane Harvey?

August 30, 2017

I haven’t heard anyone mention it yet, but think about it… addicts of every DOC now are completely and totally cut off!!! Nature-forced sobriety. How many are craving, how many are drug sick, and what about the folks who need their daily dose at the Methadone Clinic. I’m guessing there is no emergency plan in […]


Chestnut Bud To Avoid Making Repeated Mistakes

How do you ever know if you made the right decision or the wrong decision. If the outcome is good, does that mean the decision was a good one? If the outcome is bad, is it a reflection of the decision, necessarily? As we go in life, we do strive to better ourselves and treadmill […]


Using Homeopathy To Combat Withdrawal Symptoms

August 21, 2017

Homeopathy is a wonderful support for those withdrawing from drug or alcohol addiction. Not only does it relieve the immediate symptoms, it also works to heal the underlying cause, whether inherited, acquired, emotional or psychological. Does that mean homeopathy is the only therapy that will help or that withdrawal becomes completely trouble-free? Not at all, […]


Harm Reduction, Choice, and ‘Adam Ruins Everything’

August 15, 2017

This is very interesting… in a recent episode of the TV show Adam Ruins Everything, he debunked the value of rehabs or treatment at all, insisting that drugs and alcohol have been in society for thousands of years, and just aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. He goes on to say the war on drugs, particularly […]


Overdose And The Grief It Brings

July 31, 2017

If you thought the avoidance around death and grief in our society was bad, it is nothing compared to the avoidance of drug-related deaths. Overdose deaths outnumber traffic fatalities in the US, and someone dies every 14 minutes from a drug overdose in this country- startling facts! In 2011 data came out showing that prescription […]


Keeping Your Addict Loved One In Your Life

June 15, 2017

Episode after episode of the TV show Intervention cuts to the quick of how addicts ruin not only their own lives, but how their addictive and destructive behavior can break even the strongest of us. Shattered families confront shattered addicts in the hopes of mending lives all the way around. The theme is always the […]