Don’t Knock It If You Haven’t Tried It


I have been following a man on Facebook who has been trying to kick heroin and posts several times a day, for support, encouragement, and connection to recovery. I don’t know him from Adam, but respect his efforts and acknowledge the difficulty of the journey he is on.

Yesterday, he put up a post saying he drank a beer and smoked a joint, and wanted to know if it was considered a relapse. Another reader answered “A harm reductionist would say a beer and a joint is harm reduction. Continue to make choices that are less harmful than the ones you made before. Make it your rule- no heroin or opiates which are your downfalls, and continue with choices that have the least negative impact.” Some folks agreed, and others did not, but I applaud the man for excluding opiates from his relaxation activities.

There is no ‘cure-all’ I know of, using any allopathic, natural, or metaphysical means. Chronic and deep seated imbalances respond to slower deeper healing, and there are many things heroin addicts can do to curb the cravings, calm the crazy thoughts, and basically just cool down the fire. Some of these things may seem a little different (and are different), but don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

Choose a healing stone- Different gemstones and crystals have different properties and emit different energies, and throughout the ages, Amethyst has been known as the sober stone. (Did you ever wonder why so many rehabs were named Amethyst House?) You can read about the various qualities and make your selection- then carry the stone with you in your pocket or slip in your pillowcase at night for a constant stream of the energy you are trying to receive.

Sai Sanjeevini healing cards- This is a prayer based complete healing system, and absolutely free. They provide hundreds of healing cards of body parts, diseases, and conditions, including everything from addiction to schizophrenia. For anyone who believes in the healing power of prayer, this will surely suit you. Create your own personal mega remedy and let the healing begin. An easy to learn self-prescribing healing system given to us by Masters from India.

Homeopathy- Whatever condition it is you have, be it cancer, insanity, or drug addiction there is probably a homeopathic remedy for you. Working on the property of similars, homeopathy stimulates your own immune system to kick in and heal the body or mind. There are no side effects, no possibly of overdose, and it is very cheap. Homeopathy is somewhat self-prescribing, or you can consult a homeopathic doctor and let them do an intake to make a selection for cravings, withdrawal symptoms, or detoxification.

Bach flower remedies- Dr. Bach realized that plants have qualities too, and gathered the dew from various flowers and created remedies for an array of emotional disturbances. There are 38 formulas, and just by reading the profile and properties of each, you will easily be able to choose a good match for you.

Practice the art of giving and being grateful– These are 2 things that will always carry you through. Talk to the next homeless person you see, and show him dignity. That is a beautiful way to give. Fold a dollar with a nice message written on it and leave it for a poor person to find (‘may health, wealth, and happiness find you’)… that is an anonymous way to give, which is the highest form of giving. The giving and being grateful boosts you to a higher zone, and motivates you to keep on ‘keeping on’.

crisisBTY… When in crisis mode, try the Bach flower remedy called Rescue Remedy, or the homeopathic remedy called Ignatia (classic grief remedy) or Aconite (for shock, or if you feel like you are going to die). You will be amazed how this stuff can take you from a 10 back to a 1, in just moments.

December 30, 2016


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