Hard 12-Step Road For Zanzibar’s Heroin Addicts

Could a 12-step program, with its Christian roots, help addicts recover on a conservative Muslim island in the Indian Ocean?

zan1Suleiman Mauly was desperate to find out. He’d been using heroin in his native Zanzibar since age 17. The island nation is a key stop for heroin smuggled from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Europe. An estimated 7 percent of the 1 million inhabitants are heroin addicts.

Mauly had tried to get clean a couple of times. It didn’t work. Then he discovered a 12-step program in Mombasa, Kenya.

He not only stopped using drugs but also made amends to friends and family he’d harmed as an addict. “And before you make amends, you have to search yourself, your feelings of guilt and resentment,” says Mauly, now 34 and in recovery for eight years. “It’s a kind of Christian spiritual process.” Indeed, the 12-step program, founded in Akron, Ohio, some 80 years ago, relies on Christian concepts: confession, redemption, submission to a higher power.

“People have different experiences with the higher power,” he says. “Some of them say it’s Allah. Some of them, Jesus. For me, the power greater than myself was a program, a group and my family. And then later, I’ve started to understand how to rely on God.” He is largely responsible for introducing the program to his country.

But the program’s Christian connection turned out to be a sensitive topic in Zanzibar, where the mostly Muslim population has long had a frictional relationship with the mostly Christian mainland.

For example, one of the core principles of 12-step is submission to a higher power, often shorthanded as “HP.”

Abdulrahman Abdullah remembers the first time he told his mother about HP. “She said, ‘Come here, talk about Allah. Don’t give a [expletive] about your HP,’ you know?” He laughs now at the memory, but he says his mother still worries that 12-step will be a gateway to conversion to Christianity.

Many islanders have been won over by the program’s success. Six years after Mauly brought 12-step to Zanzibar, there are 11 recovery houses that have treated 3,000 addicts. He serves as head of Recovery Community Zanzibar, which is staffed by former addicts, and is also a community outreach officer with Tanzania Health Promotion Support.

But Zanzibar’s traditional values could bend only so far. Mauly says that while he successfully introduced the concept of 12-step for men, he’s been unable to get community support for a women’s program.

“Because they give up hope with women,” Mauly says. Women often turn to prostitution to support their drug habit. For traditional Muslims in Zanzibar, Mauly says, that is an act from which there can be no redemption.

Using funds he diverted from the men’s clinic, Mauly opened a recovery house for women last month. He says he’s not just trying to help women recover. He’s trying to change local culture and make Zanzibaris see that women too can find redemption.

“You never know,” he says with a smile, “when someone will be saved.”

NPR’s Frederica Boswell has reported on Mauly’s story since he set up his first sober house. On a visit in January, she photographed him, staff members at the rehab centers and some of the recovering addicts, with their permission.


February 2, 2015


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