The Notion of Hitting Rock Bottom

Hitting Rock Bottom refers to the notion that a person must hit their lowest point before having the motivation to change.

It implies the person needs to experience firsthand the worst rock bottomconsequences of his actions before he will be motivated to get help and alter these behaviors.

The concept of hitting rock bottom seems to be an extension of ‘tough love’ which has never set right with me, and waiting for someone to hit rock bottom before starting treatment is dangerous. One of the many problems with this approach, is that rock bottom can mean death. Aside from the obvious concerns of homelessness, disease, criminal justice issues, or the dreaded overdose, a person with addiction who is allowed to hit rock bottom often ends up needlessly injuring support systems and further damage his or her life.

The truth is, no one needs to hit rock bottom. Early intervention and treatment at any stage of the progression of addiction, can be helpful. And I say “The earlier the better!”.

February 12, 2017


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