Relapse As Seen By T. Gorski

The relapse process is a lot like knocking over a line of dominoes.

Relapse is more than just using alcohol or drugs. It is the progressive process of becoming so dysfunctional in recovery that self-medication with alcohol or drugs seems like a reasonable choice.

The progression of problems that lead to relapse is called the relapse process. Each individual problem in the sequence is called a relapse warning sign. The entire sequence of problems is called a relapse warning sign list. The situations that we put ourselves in that cause or complicate the problems are caused high risk situations.

HERE IS WHAT Terence T. Gorski has to say about the process of gorski1relapse. Gorski is an internationally recognized expert on substance abuse, mental health, violence, & crime. He is best known for his contributions to relapse prevention. Here are the steps that Gorski lists, that make up the relapse process;

Step 1: Getting Stuck In Recovery
Step 2: Denying That We’re Stuck
Step 3: Using Other Compulsions
Step 4: Experiencing A Trigger Event
Step 5: Becoming Dysfunctional On The Inside
Step 6: Becoming Dysfunctional On The Outside
Step 7: Loosing Control
Step 8: Using Addictive Thinking
Step 9: Using Addictive Substances:
Step 9: Loosing Control Over Use

Most recovering people periodically experience some of these warning signs. Ignoring early warning signs makes relapse more likely to happen.

But there is hope. There is a method called Relapse Prevention that can teach us to recognize early warning signs of relapse and stop them before we use alcohol and drugs. Read about this at Gorski’s site

March 17, 2015


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