Suffering From Treatment Burnout?

burnoutHere is something for you straight from the mouth of the mother of a recovering addict. Some of these moms turn out to be our best teachers;

The condition called treatment burnout can occur when an addict frequents the revolving door of rehab for years on end. If that person has been in this for at least 5 years, they know what I’m talking about… processing groups, step work (the same 12 over and over), urine tests, psych evaluations, getting kicked out, getting admitted, one-on-ones with an addiction counselor. They know the drill . They can usually say with complete truth, “Been there, done that.” My daughter was a victim of treatment burnout, and when she was reaching for answers and understanding my husband so astutely summarized it by saying to her, when she complained about that very thing, “You do not have a system to use, to help you understand yourself.” I realized that was the heart of the matter.

There are many systems, not taught at any rehab I have ever heard of, that can teach you about yourself. One is astrology and another is tarot. Until you study these systems you cannot image the value that understanding and using them can bring. Both systems shed light, which is what we need to go to a higher mental/spiritual plane. Kabbalah is another system that when studied, helps you to know yourself in relation to the lower worlds and the upper worlds, bringing existence into perspective. Dr. Mario Martinez has a system called the mind body code well worth studying and using for personal health, or using under the guidance of a Dr Martinez trained therapist.

Self help is where it’s at, but you need to know what to do. First of all be eclectic- especially those coming from a holistic standpoint… don’t rely on any one thing to be the magic bullet. Here are but a few of the many things an addict who is self motivated to change, can do;

Hook up with a sponsor or friend who you can call at a weak moment, and BTW, don’t wait until after you slip, to make the call.

Try homeopathic remedies (OTC) such as Avena sativa and Nux vomica which can help with cravings, or try combinations such as ‘Calms’, made by Hylands, and can be bought in any health food store to reduce anxiety naturally.

Use Bach flower remedies and Sai Sanjeevini addiction patterns daily, to curb cravings and promote ‘right conduct’. Match your symptoms up with the Bach flower remedy that most suits you, and chose the Sai Sanjeevini cards that fit your needs (hundreds to pick from). If you are not familiar with either of these healing systems,I highly recommend you checking both out.

If depression is an issue, try St. John’s Wort and Ginkgo Biloba- they are considered natural depression medications. St John’s wort is particularly effective for depression, particularly for mild to moderate symptoms without the side effects often associated with drugs. Ginkgo Biloba improves neurotransmitter production in the brain and helps bring oxygen-rich blood to the brain to improve functioning and also may help fight feelings of despair.

Talk therapy should not be taken completely off the table, but why not try a professional who is both psychologically and metaphysically trained, and can offer things light sound and color therapy, to compliment whatever else you are doing. Talking in and of itself is healing, and often helps to bring blurred things into focus.

Go to work- working is a system and you need to understand, you are trading your time and talent for someone’s money. You can use the money to pay bills and such, and it also fills the gap of too much idle time. Work means independence. Definitely incorporate work into your personal healing protocol.

Give of yourself. A fast way to feel a purpose. Study a system that will allow you to get to know yourself. study

November 16, 2015


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  1. Charmaine says:

    Well said!!! Being willing to go outside the traditional recovery box is liberating for several reasons:
    1. You are beginning to practice self care
    2. You are giving yourself permission to explore your world
    3. You are expanding your perspective of yourself and your options
    4. You are adding to your “toolbox” of behaviors of how to respond to your life.
    Thank you for this article.
    SMART Recovery for Family and Friends Facilitator

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